Best Horse Stables and Equestrian Clubs in Austin

Texas Jeannie Garr TX October 27, 2023

Austin, Texas, is a city that loves horses. You might see trail riders along the byways around the city as easily as you can find horse carriages downtown. Truck stops often include a horse trailer or two with velvet noses curiously sniffing the air as horses are transported from one stable to the next. If you love the company of these gentle and majestic animals, you are certainly not alone.

Those who live in Austin and many people who come for a visit can enjoy a wonderful equestrian afternoon by visiting one of the many fantastic horse stables and equestrian clubs. You can come for a trail ride, start taking lessons, or even board your own horse. You can also find the best horse stable near your home. Real estate agent Jeannie Garr is not just an expert on Austin's neighborhoods and home styles, she can also help you find a home where you can visit your favorite horses any day of the week.

Here is a quick tour of Austin's best horse stables and equestrian clubs.

Spicewood Farms

Spicewood Farms is a boarding and training stable. While many horses belong to the stable, community members can also board their horses in beautiful well-kept stables that are cleaned six days a week. Each stall is spacious and well-ventilated with a rubber-mat floor and bedding for the horses. When not scheduled for riding, horses are released daily into shady pastures.

Spicewood Farms has a large lit arena with obstacles that can accommodate any style of riding. Lessons are available for children and adults, starting at the age of seven. They offer both English and Western riding. However, they do not offer trail rides.

Texas Trail Rides

If you want trail rides, head to South Austin, where you will find Texas Trail Rides. Trail rides are both relaxing and exciting, appropriate for riders of all skill levels. The trails around Austin are beautiful and easy to traverse. Texas Trail Rides offers lessons and guided trail rides seven days a week. They also offer events and the full Texas experience. By booking ahead, you can enjoy fun activities and lessons like skeet shooting, axe throwing, trick roping, and more. Children can enjoy rides and easy trail rides, along with a day camp experience during the summer.

Texas Trail Rides partners with Lone Star Stables, one of the few stables that is only ten minutes from downtown Austin. This partnership can help you plan Wild West-style events and community support.

Lone Star Stables

The Lone Star Equestrian Center shares the river shore with the Austin Country Club within the Westlake neighborhood. The stable features 22 well-kept stalls, while the equestrian center offers a delightful combination of monthly lessons, summer camp programs, and organization of events. They pride themselves on hunter/jumper training and elite equestrian horse shows.

Switch Willo Stables

Switch Willo Stables is also proud of its hunter/jumper equestrian training program. They offer both a summer- and winter riding camp program for children. Switch Willow offers both boarding and training if you have your own horse in need of a loving stable. The programs emphasize the bond between horse and rider, so boarded horses are trained alongside riders whenever the owner is available.

The stables are located on 26 beautiful wooded acres and ready for peaceful rides, along with four large riding arenas. Three are lit for hunter/jumper training. Boarders also enjoy individual tack lockers and a shared horse washroom.

Tri-Star Farms

Not far from Switch Willo is Tri-Star Farms. While most horse stables in Austin offer select services, Tri-Star Farms has it all. They board horses, offer lessons, hold summer camps, have trail rides, and host birthday parties. Tri-Star Farms does its best to make riders and horses feel truly welcome. The stable manager has a degree in equestrian sciences, ensuring that everything from horse care to dressage lessons is conducted with excellence. Lessons focus on horsemanship, teaching riders proper grooming, tacking up, and caring for a horse, as well as how to sit a horse and perform dressage routines.

Tri-Star summer camps and trail rides are particularly popular, with scenic trails and one- to two-hour rides.

Maverick Horseback Riding

Maverick Horseback Riding is especially welcoming for new riders. Close to downtown Lockhart, you will find beautiful pastures and stables with natural streams running through them. There are even boots available for riders who arrive without proper footwear, as many first-timers don't know what to wear and may not own a proper pair of boots. Trail rides can be guided at a walk, trot, or canter based on the rider's skill level. They offer ranch, beautiful sunset, and horsemanship trail rides for those who ride with different goals in mind.

They also take groups on historical downtown Lockhart rides, including a delicious barbecue lunch.

Visiting a local horse stable in Austin

Living in Austin, you cannot miss out on the opportunity to ride horses in and out of town. There are trail rides, dressage lessons, and summer camps. You can book a romantic ride with a partner, a family day, a fun outing with friends, or an unforgettable birthday party.

When you plan a day at the stables, be sure to wear sturdy yet breathable clothes and boots with heels. The heel is necessary to properly use a stirrup. You may also want to wear a wide-brimmed hat, although it doesn't need to be a 10-gallon Stetson. If you're new to horses, expect lessons to begin with learning to saddle and approach horses before the riding begins. If you have a horse to stable, a tour of Austin stables can help you find the perfect place that provides good care, has beautiful pastures, and is relatively close to home so you can ride your horse and maintain your bond.

Equestrian lifestyles in Austin

One of the luxuries of living in Austin is access to many wonderful stables and equestrian clubs. If you love horses, you can spend time riding and practicing every week. You can own your own horse and board them nearby or fall in love with a whole stable of lesson horses at your favorite stable. You can also teach your children the wonders of horsemanship from an early age with lessons and summer camps.

Jeannie Garr Roddy can help you build a life in Austin that you will love. From finding a beautiful home to connecting with a wonderful nearby equestrian club, an experienced Austin real estate agent can connect you with everything you need. Learn more about life in Austin.

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