9 Best Restaurants in Old West Austin, TX

Texas Jeannie Garr Roddy December 6, 2023

Old West Austin, a hidden gem in the vibrant Texan culinary landscape, is a neighborhood that has been enchanting food enthusiasts with its exceptional dining options. With a blend of historical charm and modern culinary creativity, it has become a true haven for foodies. For those eager to explore the very best, here's a list of nine restaurants you can't miss.

Salty Sow

A fusion of rustic charm and contemporary flair, Salty Sow takes farm-to-table to a new level. This place is a haven for meat lovers, offering tantalizing cuts prepared to perfection. The ambiance is cozy yet upscale, ideal for a quiet dinner date or a celebratory meal. The menu boasts dishes that are both familiar and innovative, ensuring that each visit is a delightful surprise. From their signature pork entrees to the freshest seasonal produce, Salty Sow's culinary craft is truly a treat to the senses.

Qi Austin: Modern Asian Kitchen

Stepping into Qi Austin is like taking a gastronomic journey through Asia. Elegant interiors, combined with an artful presentation of dishes, make Qi Austin more than just a meal – it’s an experience. The menu is diverse, highlighting flavors from different regions of Asia, each dish telling its own unique story. Qi Austin is the place to be for those with a penchant for the exotic and a love for beautifully plated dishes. Every bite is a blend of tradition and innovation, and the ambiance, with its subtle undertones of luxury, ensures that your meal is nothing short of unforgettable.

Aba Austin

Entering Aba Austin is like being swept away into a Mediterranean dream. From the azure accents that remind one of the sea to the warm, inviting interiors that echo the sands of a faraway coast, Aba is an ode to the romantic shores of the Mediterranean. The menu is a delightful tapestry of flavors, showcasing the very best from the region. Think zesty olive oils, aromatic herbs, and fresh seafood. Whether you're enjoying their classic mezze spread under soft ambient lighting or sipping on a cocktail that sings of summer, Aba promises a dining experience that's brimming with warmth, passion, and nostalgia.

Higher Ground

At Higher Ground, the name says it all. This establishment elevates dining to an art form, creating a symphony of flavors that resonates with the soul. The atmosphere is a harmonious blend of sophistication and relaxation, making you feel both pampered and at home. Every dish is a testament to the chef's dedication to culinary excellence. The ingredients are chosen with care, and the presentation is both tantalizing and a feast for the eyes.

Moonshine Grill

Old-world charm meets Southern hospitality at Moonshine Grill. Picture yourself in a cozy nook, surrounded by the nostalgic echo of laughter, clinking glasses, and memories in the making. The menu is a heartwarming tribute to classic American comfort food, each dish crafted with love and a touch of Southern magic. And yes, as the name suggests, the moonshine here is a must-try – a tribute to age-old recipes that pack a delightful punch. It's not just a meal at Moonshine; it's a warm hug and a trip down memory lane.

Odd Duck

Odd Duck is where creativity and passion come together in a culinary dance. It's an establishment that isn't afraid to push boundaries, creating dishes that are as intriguing as they are delicious. The ambiance is eclectic, a reflection of the imaginative spirit that runs through the heart of the place. At Odd Duck, locally sourced ingredients are transformed into masterpieces, each plate telling a story that's both familiar and novel. If you're looking for a dining experience that will surprise, delight, and leave you yearning for more, Odd Duck is your destination.

La Plancha

La Plancha is like a vibrant splash of color on the culinary canvas of Old West Austin. The restaurant captures the vivacious spirit of Latin American cuisine, presenting a fiesta of flavors that dance on the palate. As soon as you step in, you're greeted with lively tunes and a spirited atmosphere that embodies the joie de vivre of Latin culture. The menu at La Plancha is a delightful fusion of traditional and contemporary, with dishes that brim with spices, zest, and passion. Whether you're indulging in their classic empanadas or venturing into their innovative takes on Latin staples, every bite at La Plancha is a celebration.


Goldy's is comfort personified. This cozy and charming dining establishment focuses on providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all who dine here. The menu features everything from savory sandwiches to sweet treats, creating a dish for every palate. It’s the perfect spot to meet friends for an afternoon snack or grab a quick bite during the work day.

Vic and Al's

Vic and Al's is a beloved dining establishment known for its delightful Cajun cuisine and warm, welcoming ambiance. This restaurant offers a delectable menu featuring delectable Cajun dishes, served with a homemade touch that sets it apart. The cozy and inviting atmosphere makes it a perfect spot for locals and visitors wanting to enjoy good food with good company. Whether you're savoring their jumbo or shrimp étoufee, Vic and Al's is a cherished culinary gem in the neighborhood.

Each of these culinary gems in Old West Austin exudes its own unique charm, offering experiences that are as diverse as they are delightful. They beckon food enthusiasts with the promise of journeys that are not just about tantalizing the taste buds but also about creating memories that linger long after the last bite.

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